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File your Initial Claim for Unemployment Insurance Benefits Online
To start filing your claim for unemployment insurance benefits online, please press the "Start My Claim Now" button. For additional information about Assurances, and Contacts, continue reading.

Because the use of Internet technology may be new to some claimants, the Delaware Department of Labor's Division of Unemployment Insurance has published some assurances about the privacy and security of the information submitted for an unemployment insurance claim. To read these assurances, please press the "Assurances" button.

This site permits an unemployed Delaware worker to file an initial claim for unemployment insurance benefits online. If you are having difficulty using this site or need to view information for the Delaware Department of Labor's Division of Unemployment staffed and automated hotlines, as well as the local offices, please press the "Contact" button.

The $600 Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) benefit was authorized by Congress to be paid for claims beginning March 29, 2020 through July 25, 2020.

If you are currently eligible to receive regular UI, PEUC, Extended Benefits and PUA claims, the payments made the week of July 26 through August 1st will be the last payments that will include the $600 FPUEC benefit.

If your claim is pending currently, and you are later determined to be eligible to receive benefits for the weeks between March 29 and July 25, you will receive the $600 FPUC payment when your claim is paid.

The Regular UI, PEUC, Extended Benefit and PUA weekly benefit amounts will continue uninterrupted.

No additional information is available at this time as we await action from Congress and direction from U.S. Department of Labor regarding this benefit.

Who Can File
I acknowledge that I cannot use this site to file a claim if I am currently residing outside the United States.


If you select “TeleBenefits” (telephone) as the method to file for your weekly unemployment payment, you must call in each week as indicated in “Your Guide to Unemployment Insurance Benefits”. Please make sure to read this guide immediately.


If you select “WebBenefits” (Internet) as the method to file for your weekly unemployment payment, you must log on to https://uicc.delawareworks.com/mobile/Login.aspx each week and follow the instructions provided.


Direct Deposit / Debit Card
In order to receive Unemployment Insurance Benefits, you must select a method to receive your benefits payment.

There are two choices: Direct Deposit or Prepaid Debit Card.

Direct Deposit means your benefits will be deposited directly to your own existing bank account. Please be prepared to provide your bank account information during enrollment.

Prepaid Debit Card means you will receive your benefits on a debit card mailed to you by a third-party vendor. Prepaid Debit cards can be used at ATMs and merchants that accept prepaid debit cards for payment.

Federal Law requires that any fees related to using your prepaid debit card are disclosed to you before you select the prepaid debit card as the method to receive your benefits payment.

Be sure to review before selecting debit card.

Please read and acknowledge that you have reviewed.